Go West!


  1. When the Buffalo Still Thundered
  2. O, My Adelita
  3. Darlin' Marie
  4. Music That Only They Here
  5. Sally's Gonna Be There
  6. The Dark Horse
  7. Broken Arrow
  8. Gonna Build a Railroad
  9. Enough Is All We Need
  10. Old Beauregard
  11. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
  12. Little Darlin' of Mine
  13. That Li'l Gal Is Gone
  14. Running Man
  15. A Long Time Ago
  16. Angel on My Trail/Amazing Grace

Miz Liza Jean Crocket...

is a fine Texas Ranch Woman descended from generations of fine Texas Ranch Women.  She’s got pluck and grit. She’s got grandkids and good looks. She’s got her momma’s baking pans and her daddy’s revolvers, and knows how to use both.

One day Jack ran into her at the feed store, and they visited while the boys loaded Miz Liza Jean’s pickup with bales of alfalfa.

“Jack, when y’all gonna do an album of just Old West and cowboy songs? I bet it’d sell a million in Texas alone. Another million in New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana.”

Jack puzzled on it for a minute.  “I dunno, Liza Jean, folks don’t buy albums like they used to.  And they don’t make cowboy movies much anymore, so they don't listen to Old West songs.”

Miz Liza Jane’s eyes narrowed. “I hear ya. Darn shame about the cowboy movies. Country’s been goin’ to tarnation ever since Gunsmoke went off the air. But I’d sure like to hear y’all do a cowboy album.  If you do, I’ll bake you a big pan of brownies.”

Well now, Them Jacks can resist anything but temptation, and few things in life are more tempting than a big pan of Miz Liza Jean's brownies. So here's the album she commissioned.