Short Stories


  1. The Burning
  2. Darlin' Marie
  3. Old Beauregard
  4. Running Man
  5. Broken Arrow
  6. The Dark Horse (an Capall Dorcha)
  7. Combat Doc
  8. Motor Runnin'
  9. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
  10. Half a Blanket
  11. Emily and Kate
  12. Laura Morgan
  13. Under the Baobab
  14. Kinunu and the Monkey
  15. Sailin' for Tarpley
  16. Humsong

One day a fair while back, Jack asked the other Jacks what they thought about recording a CD. The other Jacks wondered if anyone would buy it.

“I dunno. Probably not,” said Jack.

“Waste of money.” “Too much work and no payoff.”

“Dumb idea.” said the other Jacks.

“So we’re all in agreement?” asked Jack.

“Yup. It’s stupid. Let’s do it!”

So they went into the studio and Short Stories is the ugly duckling hatched from that egg.