Music handmade in small batches in the Texas Hill Country.


So who are Them Jacks, anyway?

Success requires hard work, dedication and a desire to excel. None of those things appealed in the least to Them Jacks. So, from the very beginning, they set their sights low and aimed for obscurity. This they achieved immediately, and have maintained ever since. The late Benny Whipplesmith wrote, “Them Jacks are like a ninja band. They’re there, but nobody notices.”  After reading that, the acid-tongued critic, Joshua Pantz went further. “No, Them Jacks are more like a subclinical bacterial infection. You feel ill, but you can’t put your finger on why.” Mr. Pantz disappeared shortly thereafter, but all Them Jacks claim to have alibis.

A purist’s nightmare, you’ll find a mix of folk, country, Celtic, bluegrass, gospel, jazz, blues, rock, classical and cowboy, with guitar, mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, mandocello, dulcimer, dobro, banjo, uke, djembe, harmonica, melodica, percussion and whatever else they can get their grimy mitts on.